1337x-to-udp-protocolYou all must have seen the trackers while using Bittorrent, utorrent, etc. These trackers for 1337x were responsible for downloads being performed by more than forty million users. But, it seems that due to some reason these trackers were no longer working. The reason was found to be the decision made by BitTorrent and 1337x of using UDP protocol instead of TCP based. The latter was a very popular tracker working on Transmission Control Protocol, famously known as TCP. The new User Datagram Protocol is considered to be more efficient, which was one of the reasons of making the shift. The result of the shift affected millions of users whose downloads stopped abruptly for no reason. One of the representatives of 1337x discussed about the shut downs, informing that it was the high consumption of bandwidth that caused three of their data centers to shut down because of it. The bandwidth consumption was a direct result of numerous IP being connected simultaneously. The huge number of IPs was greatly affecting the network and there wasn’t an efficient alternative available to resolve the problem.

What would be the effect of the switch?

Now the question is can the users with old settings be able to use the new trackers. The answer is yes, but there is just one small change that they will be required to make. Now, the users will be required to enable DHT to use the UPD based tracker. Good news for frequent users is that now the torrents they download will be available with the updated tracker addresses. As mentioned above BitTorrent has also switched to UPD trackers. The reason mentioned by the admin of BitTorrent presented his reason saying that the TCP based trackers were inefficient for central hosted service. He also requested the BitTorrent clients to make sure that their users adapt the UPD based trackers to save the limited resources they have.

PublicBitTorrent, which is different than the one being discussed, is still using the old TCP based trackers and they haven’t given any hint of making the change yet. PublicBitTorrent claims that is because of the TCP trackers that they are able to state the number of seeders and leechers on the torrent. According to them, the TCP (http) support is the main way of getting these stats, which the torrent websites like to have to draw traffic and increase the number of users. However, this would mean that their usage of bandwidth is 5 times greater, compared to the UDP based tracker providers.

What should the users do now?

It would be wise step for the users to download a newer version of the torrent client they are using. The recent clients of BitTorrent are sure to have updated settings for UDP support. The admin from 1337x suggest people that it is not a good idea to keep using the older version of their clients, as they might not have the UDP trackers enabled, which would mean that they might not be able to download anything. There are lists of BitTorrent clients, available over the internet, which supports UDP.